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KS666 Crawler DTH drilling rig


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1.  Product Features


(1) Use a rationally designed and innovative crawler-type hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig with a simple design, and it is used in conjunction with a two-stage screw-type high-pressure air compressor, which is more economical.


(2) The structure is simple and compact, and the fuel consumption is low.  During maintenance and repair, there is no need to climb up and down, which is convenient and safe.


(3) Applicable to quarries, limestone mines and open-pit mines, building foundation excavation, rock drilling operations in water conservancy, power station, construction, transportation and construction projects, etc., to provide you with a set of safe and effective large aperture solution.


(4) Powerful and excellent performance:


1.  Two sets of walking positioning control panels;


2.  Reliable and simple hydraulic system;


3.  Clean working environment;


4.  High torque rotary motor;


5.  Integrated operation panel with reasonable layout;


6.  Two-stage dry dust collection device;


7.  Powerful hydraulic traveling mechanism;


8.  Walking control system with humanized design;


9.  Low fuel consumption;


10.  Superior performance;


11.  High-strength propulsion beam and high-torque swivel head;


12.  Convenient operation;


2.  Product advantages


Powerful travel motor, flexible mobility, high climbing ability

The compact design of crawler-type hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig, its safe, flexible, stable chassis frame, powerful travel motor and suspension crawler ensure flexible mobility, high climbing ability and is very unique among drilling rigs of the same level.  outstanding.


3.  After-sales service


Kongshan Heavy Industry promises to provide assistance services to customers.    When it is necessary to provide assistance, we will ensure that the response within 1 hours .    And a variety of care services: including maintenance period reminder service, post-warranty investigation return visit service, opinion and suggestion collection return visit service, whole machine commissioning reminder service before operation, whole machine maintenance reminder service after operation, whole machine preservation technical support service during idle period, etc. .

Technical Parameters
Usage information
Recommended aperture range: ø300mm or above
Applicable pipe size: ø76/89/102/114×3000mm
Impactor specification: 6"/8"/10"/12"
Hydraulic rotary head
Maximum speed: 40/80/rpm
Maximum torque: 3500/8000Nm
Hydraulic motor driven propulsion beam
Advance stroke: 4150mm
Propulsion compensation: 1260mm
Propulsion speed: 0.59M/s
Maximum propulsion: 12KN
Maximum drawing force: 30KN
Total length: 7100mm
Lifting force: 4T
Walking speed: 3.0km/h
Track frame leveling Angle: ±13°
Chassis clearance: 320mm
Climbing capacity: 25°
Yuchai engine meets national Ⅲ emission standard
Rated power: 73.5KW
Transport size
Length: 7100mm
Width: 2300mm
Height: 2760mm
Weight: 8100Kg
Dust collecting device: standard dry double stage



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